City of Atlanta Park Rules

Piedmont Park is a City of Atlanta park and is subject to the Park Use Rules and Guidelines published by the City of Atlanta. Most questions can be answered in the following link, and are subject to change: See rules and guidelines.

We recommend starting by viewing the above link. Within the link, there are guidelines on things such as tents, moonwalks, hammocks, photography, climbing, boating, swimming, etc.

Questions & Answers Specifically Related to Piedmont Park

6am – 11pm. Learn more about visiting the park here including hours, parking, directions and more. Check directions to the park or see the map.

Stop by the Piedmont Park Conservancy Administrative Office located next to the parking garage between 9am – 5pm, Monday through Friday, to pick up information and maps.

Restrooms are located near Greystone, Noguchi Playscape, the Legacy Fountain, the tennis center, the dog park, the Charles Allen Gate entrance and behind Magnolia Hall. Restroom hours of operation are 8am – 6pm daily.

Visit the ‘Food & Beverage’ page to learn about culinary options within the park.  What else should I know about food and beverage?

  • Personal food and non-alcoholic beverages are allowed to be brought into the park.
  • Alcoholic beverages can only be purchased & consumed at legally permitted events.
  • Glass containers are not allowed.
  • Grilling is only allowed in designated areas on the grills provided by the City of Atlanta. Dowse hot coals.  No portable grills or ground fires are allowed.
  • The selling of food, beverages and other items is prohibited without proper, legal permitting.
  • Pets must be on a leash at all times in the Park, with the exception of the designated Piedmont Park Dog Parks. The dog parks allow off-leash dogs within the fences.
  • Pets are not allowed in the lake, on tennis courts, on the Active Oval and ball fields, or the playgrounds.
  • Removal of canine fecal matter is the responsibility of the person owning, possessing, harboring or having care, charge, control or custody of any dog. See Section 18-9 in the park rules for more details.
  • There are dog-level water fountains in various locations around the Park.
  • No pets are allowed in festival areas during Class A, B, or C festivals. Learn more.
  • More rules related to pets are in Section 110-70.
  • The Piedmont Park Pool is open from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day. Legacy Fountain Splash Pad is open all year round, pending severely cold weather or storms.
  • For information about the Tennis Center in Piedmont Park call: 404-853-3461
  • The Active Oval Sports Fields, basketball and bocce courts are available on a first-come, first-served basis unless reserved in advance. Click here to learn more about reservations. No reservations are accepted for Fridays which are free play days.
  • Fishing is permitted in Lake Clara Meer with a valid State of Georgia fishing license. Please note, all fishing is catch and release.
  • Free Wi-Fi is available in various locations around the Park. The strength of the Wi-Fi depends on exact location and the use of other visitors.
  • The Park is ADA accessible.
  • Piedmont Park Conservancy golf carts cannot be rented for public-use.
  • Visitors may not hang any sign, banner, or any other item (including hammocks) from a tree located in the Park.
  • Place all litter in trash receptacles. Littering and dumping are prohibited.
  • Recycling containers are located throughout the Park for recyclable items.
  • Defacing, harming or damaging park property is a crime. No plant, tree, flower, animal or other natural feature may be harmed or removed from Piedmont Park. Violators will be prosecuted.
  • Smoking of any type is prohibited.
  • Respect your neighbor. Keep music, musical instruments and voices at a reasonable level. Amplified music is prohibited.
  • Absolutely no drugs or illegal substances are allowed in the Park.
  • Climbing or lying upon any tree, shrub, fence, statue, monument or fountain is not allowed.
  • Learn more about park violations and the process by reading Section 110-56 on the City of Atlanta Park Use Rules and Guidelines.
  • Automobile traffic is not permitted on interior park roads with the exception of park maintenance vehicles and others permitted by the City of Atlanta.
  • No bicycles or any wheeled devices, except wheelchairs or strollers, are allowed on the grass or on paths designed for pedestrians only.
  • Skateboards, rollerblades and similar wheeled devices are not allowed on the stairways, steps, benches, curbs, walls, monuments or patios.
  • Speed limit for any wheeled conveyance is 10 mph.
  • Piedmont Park Conservancy golf carts cannot be rented for public-use.
  • Piedmont Park shares a parking facility with the Atlanta Botanical Garden. Learn more.
  • Learn more about scooter safety and tips from these resources.
Piedmont Park is ADA compliant. The SAGE parking deck, which is the parking deck shared between Piedmont Park and the Atlanta Botanical Garden, has ADA spaces for parking. Click here for more information on the parking garage. Wheelchairs are not provided and must be brought in by the park visitor.

Piedmont Park Conservancy strives to create a welcoming and inclusive experience for all visitors to Piedmont Park. In order to request an ASL interpreter for an upcoming Conservancy program or event, please notify us as soon as possible. We ask for as much notice as you can provide with ideally 20 days in advance for us to determine if we can reasonably source an interpreter. You may email [email protected] with your request, please include 1) program name, 2) program date and 3) the number of participants needing ASL service.

Please note that the Piedmont Park Conservancy only manages a portion of the many programs happening in Piedmont Park. We do not manage large festivals, 5ks, concerts and other city permitted events. If you are unsure if the Conservancy manages the event or program, you may view our calendar to find the appropriate contact or you may reach out to us and we will be happy to direct you to the right organization.

  • Report any other problems to the City Park Department at 404.817.6744 or Piedmont Park Conservancy at 404.875.7275(PARK). The Conservancy offices are located just inside the Park near the parking garage for Piedmont Park and Atlanta Botanical Gardens.
  • City permitting is required for commercial filming, fitness & athletic classes, 5Ks, festivals and other services in the park. Learn more on our City Permit page.
  • Any gathering of 75 people or more requires a permit from the city. This includes personal gatherings and organized gatherings.  See Section 110-75 for more information.
  • Vendor booths and space are sold through the independent organization holding the permit through the City of Atlanta. The Piedmont Park Conservancy does not have the contact information for the permit holders.
  • May I get married or rent a venue in the Park? Small gatherings such as weddings and birthday parties of less than 75 people are allowed in the public areas of the park on a first-come, first-served basis.   To reserve the covered picnic pavilion or bandstand, contact Atlanta Department Parks & Recreation Services online.  To rent any other venue or Piedmont Park Conservancy managed area in the Park, visit our Conservancy Venue Rentals page for more information.

Piedmont Park is home to hundreds of species of wildlife, including songbirds, raptors, waterfowl, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians. Almost always, enjoying seeing wildlife without interfering in their lives is the best approach. But occasionally, people encounter animals in need of help. In that situation, we recommend contacting our partners at the AWARE Wildlife Center at [email protected]. They can provide guidance on how, when, and whether to attempt to rescue an animal, and, depending on the situation, may invite you to bring the animal into their facility for care or direct you to an independent wildlife rehabber who can help.