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Connect your young learner with Atlanta’s historic Piedmont Park. Your family can discover the wonders of nature right in the heart of Atlanta or from the comfort of your home. From environmental Park programs to fun summer camps and homeschool days, there is something for children of all ages throughout each season.

Our programs are STEAM-based with a healthy mix of learning and in-Park fun designed to reinforce and enhance learning goals.

Piedmont Park Camp Programs

Make lasting memories for your family at one of Piedmont Park Conservancy’s camps. Home to EnviroVentures Summer Camp, the Conservancy hosts a legacy of Park memories with environmental education, in-Park swimming, bike riding and more. Our camps offer fun, safe and hands-on experiences while instilling the importance of green space in future generations.

Summer Camp registration opens January 17, 2023

Piedmont Park Homeschool Days

Once a month, the Conservancy will host a themed “Homeschool Day” where homeschool students, distance learning students, and any other interested students grades K-5 can come to Piedmont Park for a field trip. The programs are interactive, STEAM-based activities that get kids excited about learning.

Needs, Seeds, and Nature

Find out what every plant and animal needs to survive, and investigate the life cycle of plants on an exploratory scavenger hunt through Piedmont Park and our education garden!

10:00am– Check in begins
10:30am– Program begins

Moonlight Madness

How do nocturnal animals use their senses to survive and thrive in the dark? Come find out with us this October as we examine the amazing adaptations of some of Georgia’s most beloved nocturnal animals.

10:00am– Check in begins
10:30am– Program begins

Color Curiosity

From camouflage to foliage, nature uses color in truly remarkable ways! Let’s explore the changing hues of autumn as we examine the colors and camouflage of the plants and animals that Piedmont Park home.

10:00am– Check in begins
10:30am– Program begins

Solstice Science

What is a solstice? Why are the days shorter and colder in the winter? What determines the time of sunrise and sunset? In this program, we will celebrate the winter solstice through a series of experiments and games to find the answers to all these questions and more!

10:00am– Check in begins
10:30am– Program begins

Additional Information

  • Masks required indoors at all times regardless of vaccination status.
  • Program cost is $10 per student. Payment is due at check-in. Card payment preferred, cash or check accepted as alternative. Card payment accepted with 3% transaction fee.
  • Picnic areas in the Park are available on a first-come first serve basis; bring sack lunches to enjoy before or after your program!

Scouts Program Offerings

Scouts will discover the wonders of nature right in the heart of Atlanta! Our hands-on programs include an educationally themed hike through Atlanta’s favorite park as well as unforgettable science experiments and activities that are sure to captivate scouts of all ages. Our programs follow badge requirements and are customizable based on requests. There are endless opportunities to learn here at Piedmont Park and we can help create the perfect program for your group!

Availability and Times

  • Weekends any time and weekdays starting from 4pm
  • Reservations are accepted based on availability and payment is due upon arrival
  • $10 per scout
  • One adult per 10 children is required; required adults are free
  • $10 per additional participant (children ages 3+ or adults)


Gather the whole troop for workshops and activities that work towards or complete requirements for nature and STEM focused badges! We offer programs for Girl Scouts of all ages, from Daises to Seniors! Our programs are a great fit for badges in the Naturalist, Outdoors, Animals, and Science & Technology categories, or customize a program to fit the interests of your troop!

Click on the scout level to view our most popular Girl Scout badge programs below:

  • Outdoor Art Maker: Experience the beauty of nature in Piedmont Park! Girls will put the A in STEAM and learn about the colors and sounds of nature as well as the science behind them, ending the day with nature-inspired art of their own to take home and add to their portfolio!
  • Eco-Learner: Learn how you can help protect nature in this program all about environmental stewardship! Explore the plant-life and wildlife in the Park, and discover all the ways you can enjoy nature responsibly.
  • Bugs: Learn about the characteristics, life cycles, and importance of insects. Through hands-on activities and fun crafts, girls will explore bugs, insects, and other invertebrates. Girls will be able to identify the structure of a beehive by designing and engineering a honeycomb of hexagons. Meet a real life beekeeper and visit Piedmont Park’s very own apiary!
    Outdoor Adventurer: In this fun outdoor exploration, girls will get to test their limits, learn about nature, and try new skills. Spend the afternoon in Piedmont Park playing outdoor games, learning about wildlife, and discovering new ways to care for the outdoors.
  • Animal Habitats: Take an adventure hike and discover the amazing ecosystems and habitats found within the Park! Girls will participate in fun activities that teach about wild animals, animal homes, the food web, and special animal adaptations! Participate in hands on activities and crafts while learning about what animals need in their homes.
    Flowers: Look underneath the petals and discover the incredible science of flowers! Girls will dissect flowers and learn all about plants and pollination, discover creative uses for flowers, and create beautiful flower crafts to take home!
    Gardener: Come visit the gardens at Piedmont Park! Explore garden design and selecting plants for gardening here in Georgia, and learn about pollination and plant life cycles. Girls will have the opportunity to get their hands in the soil to plant seeds and care for garden plants here in Piedmont Park.
  • Trees: Take a tree hike! Girls will learn how to identify trees, explore the Piedmont Park demonstration orchard, and learn about the science of trees and the importance of urban forests! Learn about trees as a resource, and the environmental impacts of forestry. Get hands-on and make a fun tree-themed creative project!
  • Eco-Explorer: With our Naturalist as their guide, girls investigate environmental issues right here in Piedmont Park. Girls will learn through biodiversity exploration how environmental issues can have far reaching impact throughout our communities, and the global landscape.
  • Water: Learn all about water at Piedmont Park. Using the Project WET curriculum, girls will have the chance to learn about the importance of water resources and how to protect them, testing for water quality, the impact of pollution, and solutions to some of the biggest water issues we face, all while reflecting on their own relationship with water. Make a splash by figuring out ways to inspire others to learn more about H2O!


Bring the whole Den, Pack, or Troop for workshops in Cub Scout adventures, electives, and badges in nature and STEM-focused categories! We offer a range of programs that fit with many Adventures and Electives, and can be customized to work towards or complete requirements for all sorts of badges, for scouts of all levels!

Click on the scout level to view our most popular Cub Scout programs below:

  • Tiger Adventure – Backyard Jungle: Take an adventure hike and discover the amazing ecosystems and habitats found within the Park. Boys will participate in fun hands-on activities that teach about plants and animals, the food web, and all about adaptation! Make an impact by creating new habitats to help native plants and animals.
    Tiger Adventure – Tigers in the Wild: Learn about how to safely enjoy the outdoors in Piedmont Park! Boys will learn about Leave No Trace Principles for Kids, prepare for and go on a 1-mile hike on the Park’s nature trails. Find out what every animal needs to survive, and look for animals and plants that call Piedmont Park home. Meet with the whole Pack in our outdoor reading circle to celebrate all you’ve learned!
  • Wolf Adventure – Paws on the Path: Go on a guided adventure hike through Piedmont Park’s nature trails! Boys will learn about how to properly prepare for a safe and fun hike, and identify plants, insects, and animals along the way. Venture into the world of maps and orienteering, and create a map of a favorite place at home or in the Park!
  • Wolf Elective Adventure – Finding Your Way: Find your way around with this intro to orienteering! Join us for a fun day of map and compass navigation. Boys will get to go on a compass-guided scavenger hunt and will lead us on a fun hike in the Park using only a map and compass to find the way.
  • Bear Adventure – Fur, Feathers, and Ferns: Go on a guided one-mile hike on Piedmont Park’s beautiful nature trails! Identify and learn about the plants and animals of the Park. Boys will investigate plants under the microscope, and learn about endangered and extinct animals.
  • Webelos/AOL Elective Adventure – Into the Wild: Learn all about wildlife in this program about birds, insects, mammals, and the ecosystems where they live. Boys will discover the importance of wetlands, observe wildlife, and create a terrarium to take with them and study at home.
  • Webelos/AOL Elective Adventure – Into the Woods: Tap into the wisdom of the forest in this program all about the trees around us. Visit our Demonstration Orchard to learn about the importance of forests in our environment and look into the life history of trees! Boys will learn how to identify and classify trees they find in the Park, discover the importance of native plants, investigate the parts of a tree, and how trees are used as an important resource.
  • Eagle Scouts Projects

    We have project needs that can be fulfilled by aspiring Eagle Scouts. To propose an idea or for more information, email: kwalker@piedmontpark.org.

Digital Resources


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