Playgrounds are special places; allowing kids to learn social skills, fight obesity and simply finding happiness in play. Enhance your child’s park experience by visiting one of Piedmont Park’s playgrounds. From a boundless playground to a cool artistic playscape, your little one(s) is sure to have fun. Don’t forget to take part in the fun interactive games and the scavenger hunt while visiting the park.

Piedmont Park Playgrounds

Mayor’s Grove Playground

Enjoy the shady and popular Mayor’s Grove Playground. Surrounded by beautiful trees dedicated to Atlanta’s former mayors, this playground features close access to bathrooms and picnic tables. Mayor’s Grove Playground is a Boundless™ playground, which has sensory-rich features that allow children and caregivers of all abilities to interact with each other at his or her highest standard. It is an interactive playground that is accessible and fun for children of all abilities. On a Boundless™ playground, you will find

  • Play structures support children’s development
  • Universally accessible pathways and surfacing
  • Swings and bouncers provide back support

Noguchi Playscape

The Noguchi Playscape, located near the 12th Street Gate, was designed by world-renowned artist and sculptor Isamu Noguchi (1904 – 1988), under the aegis of the High Museum and a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. Completed in 1976, Playscapes is the only Noguchi-designed playground completed in his lifetime. Noguchi playgrounds are aspects of what he called “the sculpture of spaces” intended to make sculpture a useful part of everyday life. Piedmont Park’s Playscapes familiarizes children with shapes, colors and textures.

Did you know in Piedmont Park’s early history (1895 Cotton States and the International Exposition Midway) Piedmont Park housed a Phoenix Wheel (an early edition of today’s Ferris Wheel), Shoot the Chutes (a water slide for boats) and Thompson’s Scenic Railway which was an early edition of a roller coaster? Check out the history of Piedmont Park.

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