Safety in Piedmont Park

Our hearts continue to go out to all of those who were impacted by the recent tragedy. While we continue to move forward through these difficult times, we hope that you will find some time to visit the Park and find solace in its beauty. The Park remains a comforting and healing place for us to gather and enjoy one another’s company in the heart of the City celebrating lives both lived and lost.
– Mark Banta, President & CEO, Piedmont Park Conservancy

This summer has been difficult for our community. Piedmont Park Conservancy has received many questions about safety and operations in Piedmont Park. Please know that the safety and well-being of all of our visitors is paramount. We are all concerned about the violence that has happened in the Park.

July 28 Investigation

The Conservancy has been aiding the City of Atlanta where possible, especially local law enforcement and federal investigators as they look into this tragedy. This has included providing key information about daily park operations and protocols and sharing as much information we can. We have welcomed an increase of police presence in Piedmont Park to reassure visitors and to help reinforce that our park is still one of the safest in the country. The Park remains open for normal hours of operations between 6am and 11pm and all permitted events remain scheduled. People coming to the park keep it safe, and we will continue to remain open for people to enjoy.

The City and law enforcement agencies will continue to own and manage the ongoing investigation. They will provide official updates, and we are committed to doing everything we can to work in partnership with them to ensure we both listen and learn from this event and anticipate what we can collectively do to prevent something like this from happening in the future.

Conservancy Safe Haven Fund and Updates

In response to increased concerns about safety, the Piedmont Park Conservancy is created the Safe Haven Fund, a fund designed to provide financial support to safety initiatives for Piedmont Park. The Safe Haven Fund will allow Piedmont Park Conservancy to financially support safety improvements recommended by the city of Atlanta and other public safety experts. Safe Haven Fund donors receive updates and communication specifically regarding the use of the fund.

While working with our partners at the City of Atlanta, beginning early in November and into the new year, the Conservancy has a list of several projects to be initiated to enhance safety efforts in Piedmont Park.

Removing Overgrowth and Increasing Sightlines:
The Conservancy has already begun pulling overgrown shrubs and grasses to enhance sightlines. Also, we will be clearing overgrowth around the Lake to enable greater visibility and light penetration along the Lake’s pathways.

Next, the Conservancy will work with our arborist contractor to catalog all necessary tree trimming and pruning to ensure that all limbs around light poles are trimmed back to allow for greater light penetration and brighter pathways. Additionally, tree limbs will be removed that prevent clear sightlines across areas of the Park. With a few exceptions, six feet clearance is standard for most public spaces. This work will be completed in the optimal season of winter.

Improving Lighting and Visibility:
Working with our partners at Georgia Power and the City, progress has already begun to repair light poles and replace lightbulbs. You might even notice a few lights that are on during the day – this is due to a delay in getting dusk sensor parts in these newly repaired fixtures. Additionally, the Conservancy is working to get quotes to repair lighting in key areas. Depending on the estimates, additional lighting in new areas may be considered. We hope to know more by the next update to our donors.

Also based on a key safety recommendation, we are ordering convex safety mirrors to increase visibility around key corners and buildings in the Park. These are expected to be installed in the next couple of months.

Cameras and Patrols:
The Conservancy anticipates updates from the City regarding cameras and patrols in the coming months. Scroll down to ‘References’ for more details.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Piedmont Park is open for normal operating hours, 6am-11pm.

If you are making a donation toward Katie Janness’ commemorative bench fundraised by Katie’s friends, please make your donation at and be sure to include Katie Janness in the Tribute Name in the Tribute Information section.

Other donations may be made to the Safe Haven fund, a fund designed to provide financial support to safety initiatives for Piedmont Park. The Safe Haven Fund will allow Piedmont Park Conservancy to financially support safety improvements recommended by the city of Atlanta and other public safety experts.

If you have questions related to donations, contact [email protected].

All cameras in Atlanta’s public parks, including Piedmont Park, are installed and operated by the City of Atlanta. The City held a press conference on August 3 that discussed details on the cameras, their operation and their funding. It’s currently posted on their Facebook page (see 27:20).  Additionally, Atlanta City Council has requested that the “Atlanta Police Department evaluate the process to facilitate the installation of video surveillance cameras at City of Atlanta Parks and Recreation Facilities to help deter criminal activity.”

Please contact the Atlanta Police Department’s Public Affairs Office at: [email protected]