Inclusive Playground Fund

Inclusive Playground Fund

Here at Piedmont Park, the Conservancy works tirelessly to make our Park a special place for everyone. Piedmont Park is for all of us: for all the ways we live, and for all the ways we come to life. And that’s why we think this is a project you’ll want to support. Because, like us, you believe Piedmont Park is a place to be enjoyed – with no limits.

When we asked Mark what one project he wished he had completed during his time at the Conservancy, this one was closest to his heart. As a father of a special needs child, Mark looks forward to bringing his daughter to see kids like her playing on the new playground, truly showcasing that Piedmont Park is a park for all.

By creating a space where all kids can play together, regardless of their abilities, we promote understanding, respect, and empathy among children and the wider community. In addition, an accessible playground ensures that children with mobility impairments can move around the play area with ease and independence, allowing them to explore, learn, and have fun alongside every other child.

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