Piedmont Park Conservancy Marks Milestone 35th Anniversary

In 1989, a small group of citizens and civic leaders joined together with the City of Atlanta to form the Piedmont Park Conservancy (PPC). This band of conservationists would have a profound and lasting impact on the growth and health of Piedmont Park, solidifying it as one of Atlanta’s most iconic destinations. Now, in honor of more than three decades in partnership with the City of Atlanta as the Park’s primary steward, the nonprofit announces the launch of the Piedmont Park Conservancy 35th Anniversary Appeal. The appeal, in keeping with PPC’s mission of preserving and enhancing Piedmont Park for all, will be dedicated to celebrating the Conservancy’s past, recommitting to its present and envisioning the Park’s future for generations to come. With a goal of raising $3.5 million, the campaign will kickstart a comprehensive master planning effort to add new acreage and green space to Piedmont Park, reimagine its 200+ acres, and undertake over $2.5 million in Park improvements and enhancements. While furthering the preservation of the “City’s Beating Green Heart,” the Conservancy has also announced a lineup of celebratory events slated for 2024 to commemorate the milestone. 


The cornerstone of the campaign is the comprehensive master planning process, allocating funds for studies to acquire additional acreage, enhance green spaces and undertake vital improvements to the Park. Leveraging input from neighboring residents and civic groups throughout the spring and summer, PPC will begin drafting the master plan later this year to guide maintenance protocol and capital projects for the next decade and beyond. Enhancements to the Park’s infrastructure will include lighting the Active Oval, updates and landscape beautification to the Charles Allen and Park Drive gates, as well as the Park Tavern, 12th Street, 10th Street and 14thStreet entrances. Additional improvements will include park-wide railing repair; legacy fountain restoration; lighting enhancements; erosion control measures; path repaving; swimming pool resurfacing and sunshade replacement; splash pad updates; and the creation of a donor recognition feature. A portion of funds will be dedicated to kickstart the master planning process, including studies for park expansion and land acquisition, as well as an endowment of $350k to provide a reserve for the Conservancy as it shepherds the Park into its 35th year and beyond. 


Under the leadership of the Conservancy’s Board of Directors and PPC’s President and CEO Doug Widener, efforts are underway to extend the Park’s boundaries to Monroe Drive and Piedmont Avenue. This expansion coincides with the development of the BeltLine’s Northeast Trail alongside the Park and the planned expansion of the Atlanta Botanical Garden. 


“As we celebrate Piedmont Park Conservancy’s 35th anniversary, it’s evident that the Park is more than just an oasis in our city; it’s the beating green heart of Atlanta,” explains Piedmont Park Conservancy President and CEO Doug Widener. “Investing in the future of Piedmont Park honors its legacy, while pledging resources and a continued commitment to its vitality. The Conservancy’s 35th Anniversary Appeal presents an opportunity for Atlantans to come together to help preserve one of our most cherished cultural assets, ensuring this historic greenspace for generations to come.”


To kick off the year-long celebration, PPC will host its largest annual fundraiser, Landmark Luncheon, on Thursday, April 25 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Promenade at Piedmont Park. This event plays a pivotal role in fundraising to support the Park’s daily operations, as the Conservancy relies heavily on donations for upkeep, beautification, and programming. With more than $5 million in donations needed annually for Park management and enhancement, fundraising events like Landmark Luncheon are imperative to furthering the Conservancy’s mission of preserving and protecting the iconic greenspace. Tickets are on sale now at www.Piedmontpark.org


PPC will also host an additional fundraising event, “Party for Piedmont Park,” on Thursday, September 26, from 6:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., inviting the public to “Party like it’s 1989” in honor of the Conservancy’s founding year. Proceeds from this ticketed event will be earmarked for the daily management of the Park and its programs. While Piedmont Park is known for hosting iconic events such as The Dogwood Festival, Music Midtown and Atlanta Pride, the Conservancy does not receive funding from the many festivals held in the Park, underscoring the importance of such fundraising events and campaigns such as the 35th Anniversary Appeal, Landmark Luncheon and Party for Piedmont Park. 




The Piedmont Park Conservancy is a member and donor funded nonprofit working in partnership with the City of Atlanta to maintain and enhance historic Piedmont Park. Founded in 1989, the Conservancy raises over $5 million each year to enhance and maintain the park. To date, the Conservancy has raised over $110 million in private donations since its inception to better the park for all Atlantans.

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