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Four Reasons to Promote Your Brand at Piedmont Park

Piedmont Park is filled with many opportunities to promote your brand. The Conservancy offers 3 venues and 2 lawn spaces for activations. The amazing views and greenspaces draw in visitors from all over the city of Atlanta and the Southeast region, making it the perfect place to promote your business. Reach thousands of potential customers by bringing your brand to Piedmont Park. Here are the top four reasons to bring your company to Atlanta’s favorite park.

1. Raise Awareness About Your Business

Piedmont Park is a great place to raise awareness about your business. Many community members and visitors to the area come to Piedmont Park for a fun time outdoors. The Park gets heavy foot traffic, giving featured businesses ample opportunity to reach a large audience. Bring pamphlets and giveaways to share about your product or service. Your team can talk with people directly about your company. Pass out t-shirts, pictures and other items to raise awareness about your organization. Whether you’re a new business or simply trying to gain more customers, Piedmont Park is the spot for you.

Piedmont Park was a great location for the Costa Coffee Tour to stop because it saw high traffic and was a great area to set up and have a large presence. – Costa Coffee

2. Target New Customers

Looking to meet new customers? We’ve got you covered. Piedmont Park attracts over 6 million visitors each year, and is one of the most diverse places that people can visit for free in the city of Atlanta. According to mobile data, Piedmont Park’s visitors compare relatively similar to Atlanta’s general population. Interests also vary widely including dog walkers, families, couples, seniors, teens, children, roller-skaters, cyclists and more. There’s a niche for everyone. You are sure to meet and discover your new target audience here.

3. Get Your Product in Users’ Hands

Who doesn’t love free product? Get your products into the hands of your customers by bringing samples, small tokens and distributing your product straight from your truck or tent. You can also show off your services like free facials, massages, fitness classes and more. A brand activation in Piedmont Park also provides a great opportunity for gathering testimonials, feedback and photos from people that have used your product or service. On average, Piedmont Park receives 16,000+ visitors on a daily basis. Prepare to be busy, because Piedmont Park visitors love free stuff!

Our product flies off the truck while at Piedmont. – Bolt24

4. Create Some Buzz Around Your Company

Have a fun and creative idea for creating stories around your brand? Piedmont Park offers a lot of opportunity to host unique and exciting activations. The Promenade has plenty of space to do something unexpected and outdoors for your business. Dockside has a beautiful lake background that makes for stunning visuals and presentations. Other ideas include hosting pup festivals, setting up food stands or showing off teasers for your upcoming movies or films. The opportunities are endless! Let us help you get creative with your next activation.

We can’t wait to interact with you and your brand here at Piedmont Park. Click the link below to find out more about past activations, how they work, and how we can get your activation started.

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