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The Piedmont Park Conservancy is Rolling Up Its Sleeves

Now that summer is here, Piedmont Park is busier than ever, and keeping it clean and green for all Atlantans is quite the challenge. As more people are getting vaccinated and feeling safe to come outside, that means more events and more foot traffic, which makes keeping the Park clean that much harder. The Piedmont Park Conservancy’s biggest challenge is to maintain a flourishing landscape despite the unpredictable Georgia weather and the pressing pedestrian litter.

Everyone knows that Piedmont Park is the city of Atlanta’s backyard, where anyone can exercise with their dog, throw a birthday party or pack a picnic date. Who takes care of that backyard? A crew of less than 10 landscapers, engineers and technicians maintain 90% of Piedmont Park’s 200 acres. While they are responsible for cleaning up after us every day, the Piedmont Park Conservancy heavily relies on community participation to keep the greenspace safe, clean and beautiful. Donations and volunteer work are integral to keep the Park operating.

Volunteers and staff are constantly kept busy this summer planting new flowers, renovating park benches and taking care of trees. However, the biggest threat to the landscape, the wildlife and park guests is litter. As guests flood in to enjoy their summer in the Park, they often leave behind litter.

While the Piedmont Park Conservancy works tirelessly with the city to keep up with trash collection and staff address litter in highly trafficked areas, Piedmont Park is depending on the community to act. First, asking Atlanta residents to be mindful by packing trash in and out, doing their best to leave no trace. Then, if you can go a step further, volunteer in the Park, donate and become a keeper of one of Atlanta’s most iconic and beloved greenspaces.

Those interested in supporting the Piedmont Park Conservancy with donations or volunteering can visit for more information.


The Piedmont Park Conservancy is a member and donor funded nonprofit organization working in partnership with the City of Atlanta to maintain and enhance historic Piedmont Park. Founded in 1989, the Conservancy raises over $3.5 million annually to enhance and maintain the Park. Today, the Conservancy manages over 90% of the overall maintenance and security of Piedmont Park.

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