Top Benefits of Piedmont Park Conservancy’s Environmental Education

In the Piedmont Park Conservancy’s youth environmental educational programs, kids from the community create memories by engaging in hands-on projects in Atlanta’s favorite greenspace. From learning about ecosystems to wildlife, young learners are exposed to a mix of environmental and science-related projects. Here are the top reasons why youth environmental education is so important to our community.

1) Fostering Environmental Stewards

The Conservancy is dedicated to instilling environmental values that encourage future sustainability in and around Piedmont Park. In our summer camps and field trips, children learn about the importance of Park stewardship as they explore areas like our organic community garden or honeybee colonies. Educating our community youth about sustainability encourages them to be future activists for issues like clean energy, wildlife protection and pollution prevention. This greater understanding of Park preservation and nature conservation ensures the future of the Park is in good hands.

2) Improving Academic Performance through Environmental Education

Studies have shown that “environmental education is one of the most effective ways to improve academic performance, critical thinking and passion for learning.” An analysis done by the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE) found a number of positive impacts correlated to kids in environmentally-based education.

Our programs offer these types of hands-on, stimulating approaches that lead to more engagement and cater to different styles of learning. Kids can easily take these new and improved skills back to their classrooms in school.

3) Spending Time in Nature

Did you know that “kids are spending 35% less time outside than their parents did?” Quality time outside and exposure to the sun are important for our physical and mental health, and are becoming increasingly scarce amongst our youth. Piedmont Park Conservancy’s program schedules are built around outdoor science experiments, fitness games and nature discovery. These activities can help reduce stress and build confidence in young growing minds. Exploration of the ecosystem and history of Piedmont Park provides the perfect opportunity for children to stretch their legs and connect with nature. 

To support our youth environmental education programs, please consider making a gift to the Piedmont Park Conservancy.

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