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Atlanta’s Piedmont Park Summer Camp Experience

It’s finally summer! Kids are out of school, the weather is great and there is lots to do. What better way for a child to spend it than in Atlanta’s beautiful Piedmont Park? Summer of STEAM offers a hands-on, fun environmental learning experience for everyone. From science experiments to afternoon fitness sessions, the Piedmont Park Conservancy gives an unforgettable camp experience instilling the importance of green space in future generations.

Mornings start with a group-wide activity and making sure everyone is ready for a day full of learning. This day of fun includes experiments, arts and crafts and other activities. Some of the campers’ favorite experiments from past camp sessions include building and launching a rocket and an exploding paint project. These experiments offer a great hands-on, visual learning experience that the kids love!

Arts and crafts time allows the campers and staff to interact even more. Sometimes the crafts are difficult and require camp staff to get down and help each kid understand the project and go through with them step-by-step.

Many campers state that their favorite part of the camp are all the new friends that they make throughout the sessions. There are many kids that do all the camps every year, and one told us she attends them annually as a family tradition. She also told us she still has friends from past years’ sessions! There are so many opportunities to make new friends during the camp, especially during the afternoon fitness sessions.

The afternoon fitness sessions are directed by NSCA certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Saidah Jones. These sessions typically begin with open playtime, where they can hold group jump-rope competitions or play four square. Then, it is time to go to the Active Oval! The best spot for fitness, campers can run around the half-mile track to get energy out then go and play various sports together. Our sand volleyball courts are always a favorite for all, as there is something for everyone. They can play a game of volleyball, or they can dig around in the sand and build sandcastles with each other.

From funny moments like bug mishaps to learning new things like bird flight patterns, Summer of STEAM offers fun for all. The campers are exposed to environmental education in real-life scenarios and are able to get active and play outside with each other, making so many new friends! Piedmont Park’s environmental education programs are so much more than just learning, it’s an opportunity for Atlanta’s youngest residents to connect, learn and become future stewards of our community.

Have young learners at home that love Piedmont Park? Check out some of our learning activity downloads.

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